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Welcome aboard,
we at Midwest Internet Services invite you to venture in and have a look around. Whether you are an individual or a large corporation, we can provide a wide range of computer solutions from client server through main frame systems. We value your opinion, and hope that we can provide the information your looking for, so come on in and discover what we can do for your company.

Sign up with and never have to suffer through connection problems again. Call us at one of the telephone numbers below, and wewill get you online the same day!

Company Profile
Midwest Internet Services started in 1995 and has grown from a hardware and software sales vendor to providing everything from Internet connectivity, web-site design and hosting to Systems Analysis and Integration. Get your corporation to the cutting edge with services from Midwest Internet Services.

Contact Information
If we haven't answered all of your questions with our web-site, please feel free to contact us via one of the means provided below. We look forward to giving your company the Internet presence it deserves.

   St. Louis, MO
   636-390-0002    Washington, MO
   877-414-0500    Nationwide
Postal Address
   P.O. Box 27894
   St. Louis, MO 63146
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